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    Hello fellow Snow Trac members. Here are some pictures of the prototype tires that are being tested. These are in there natural color but can be made in pretty much any color. The ones pictured have not fully cured yet. When they cure they will be all the same color throughout. So stay tuned as...
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    Meeting night 7/22/15

    Last nights meeting was busy! We had some surprises from the ATA President. He brought in his prototype solid wheel. The one pictured is done in its natural color. He can make them in pretty much any color. These will be available soon for all you Snow Trac and Snow Master guys looking for...
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    Activ ST4 retrieval ROAD TRIP!

    Activ ST4 retrieval ROAD TRIP! Sunday 7/19/2015 Steve and I took off at 5:15 am from Anchorage Alaska to Homer Alaska and pick up my new to me ST4. What follows is a true tale of that story.
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    ATA Wednesday night meeting

    Every Wednesday night we have a meeting at the ATA club house /garage. Tonight we moved 4 ST4s into position for tomorrow's soda blast. Some members erected a blast booth and others moved the rigs. It went pretty quick and we should have 4 shiny rigs almost ready for paint soon. We moved...
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    Super Imp over tree video

    This video was taken back in 2007 Idaho. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bssky6D4mP0
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    Trail run with the Alaska Track Association!

    Coffee was brewing as my alarm clock this morning. The time was 3:30 am and it's already light out. A quick shower and a few cups of coffee later I was ready to meet up with Gary from the Alaskan Track Association. A few hours later we are meeting up with this trail run group. In the group...
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    Alaska Track Association Meet

    Today Bobcat and myself went to our first Alaska Track Association meet near Palmer Alaska. What a great time! Bobcat was surrounded by Snow Tracs and felt a little uncomfortable:unsure:......:yum:. We have a trail run scheduled for the following weekend (30th 6am). I will post pics and videos...
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    CUCV M1028

    Here are pics of my CUCV M1028
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    OBAHMA...Who will admit they voted for him?

    Man all you people who voted for Obahma. Thanks! Yah thanks a hell of allot. Hes done more to ruin this Country than any other President EVER! Thanks for your vote. :doh::ermm:
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    Stories from the DEW Line.

    Well in trying to research the history of my Thiokol 4T10 Trackmaster I came across this short story. I have reason to believe there are a few more stories about TrackMasters on the DEW line. I will post as I find them.
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    My 4T10 Rebuild and Modification project

    Well here she is in all her hidden beauty. My job will be to bring her back to better than new condition and show you her true beauty. She is pushing 50 years old. Currently this beauty is the oldest know 4T10 in existence. She started life as many of her brothers did as an Air Force Unit...
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    4T10 pictures

    Hi Guys, Its been along time since Ive been around. I have been pretty busy at work and finally have some time to check out my new (to me) 4T10. Thanks to Bobcat I am now the owner of this beautiful (again...to me :wink:) 4T! For all you guys that keep PMing me about how bad Bobcat is I have...
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    Australia is a POLICE State!

    Well I knew this was coming. Anytime a Country disarms its citizens then its only a matter of time before they loose ALL of there rights. How much you want to bet DEADONG has some excuse for this attack against his so called Freedoms? What say you Deadong? :whistling: POLICE will soon...
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    Older Thiokol Trailer

    Hey guys, I spotted this older trailer and she looks like an older Thiokol trailer. Heres the pics of her.
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    4T-10 head lights buckets wanted

    I am looking to purchase some 4T or 601 light buckets OR something that is pretty close to stock size. Looking for two. Thanks!