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  • Hello from Greece again. Nikos Speaking
    I need some help with the patters for the crawler tracks.
    I have the 3 belt desigh with the large Wheel. I need the dimensional drawing
    Nikos Tamoutselis
    Hello from Greece. Nikos Speaking. I bought a Snow Trac, and i have to replace the rear wheel, completely damaged (Trelleborg 600 X100 6 ply). I need also 2 or 3 small boogie wheel 4.00x 4.
    If you don't have any of these, what,s your opinion about Aero Cassic 400x1 (800) 247-8473, and the Alpine guide 4,5 x16 6 Ply for the big one.

    Nikos Tamoutselis
    North Greece
    Florina 53100
    Double DD No one said shit about me screwing with you. Your so fn pathetic! Your a perverted old man who needs to be in Prison. Go screw around on your wife more why dont you. Im sure the parents of ittle boys and girls you watch and take pictures of would like to know your address.......FK off

    Oh and DD if anyone knows about getting there butt chewed its you.
    I am not guilty of anything, you were slamming my pics as having cats in cages, you have no idea how big those 'cages' are or how well those cats are cared for, yet you slam me for it. I dont own those cats either. I do believe you got your butt toasted by running off at the mouth about my pics, and you wont admit it.
    You seem to feel awfully guilty about something I was talking about that was not directed at you........ Feel guilty DDRAINE. Maybe I should have said all those things to you? Hows that bird on your shoulder?
    UH, you should have looked further or asked around. The cats I am showing are rescues...............they have been mistreated by MAN, kept in cages, big enough to lay in ONLY, some are from a circus.......you know those wheeled out in center ring......yeah that is HOME to the cat.................our enclosures are ACRES, not square feet. Some of these are from drug runners.....used as a deterant..........can you say, on a chain, big chain, heavy chain...........and most everyone of them at the rescue has been declawed, so reintroducing them to the wild is a no way. At the rescue they get fed each day, medical care, clean environment (yep we clean up their poop) and they dont have to be in pain, be beaten, or be shot and killed by scum that pays a few hundred to 'shoot a lion'. a lion in the wild is a lot smarter of his area than you will ever be. All the animals at the rescue are just that, RESCUE from a situation you would not put your PET in...........
    Thanks for the rep points. I typed that quickly on my way out the door and wondered later if I had gone on too long but the subject could have demanded pages to include all pertinent facts. Thanks again, 'Lonzo
    I was wondering where I can find a used snow cat....I am buying some property in Colorado...11,000 ft. Thanks.
    Jeffrey - ThinkSNOW
    I was wondering where I can find a used snow cat....I am buying some property in Colorado...11,000 ft. Thanks.
    Jeffrey - ThinkSNOW
    Nice to meet you.If you are a member of face book please add me rajsec@gmail.com.
    Hema from sri Lanka
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