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  • Yes Scott, I have already found that out. It is a "TIME STEALER" but it is also a wonderful way to see the orange beasties, and their carers.
    I'm back at my 'drawing board' again sorting out the transmission parts.(having fun).

    Thanks for the welcome note.

    Best wishes Alan.
    Hi Scott, I see you have spotted my first post on the Forum (b&w TAE Norway trials photos) glad you liked them. Alan (England)
    Hey Scott sorry I never got your freighter parts in the mail, gonna do that this week I hope, need your address again. Hope all is well with you and your cats.....
    OK, I'll do them up at 3 x 5. I've never seen the other one. I have a little free time today and will try to see if I can find the correct fonts to do that as well.

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