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    U Joint Strap assistance needed

    They don't put spec's on anything anymore. Then try to get someone to measure it the right way so you'll know if it will is a joke most of the time. carparts right in town has them in their plaistow wharehouse. my cost was 4 dollars and change so should be the same for you guys over there. Or...
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    U Joint Strap assistance needed

    Brookline machine north andover /lawrence line Ive had them make me a few shafts
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    U Joint Strap assistance needed

    would dorman # 81006 work
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    1953 Tucker Sno Cat 443 Mt Washington WMTW Channel 8 Restoration

    Also if it has a fuel filter check that it's not full off crap from gas tank.
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    Battery Drain When Not In Use

    I've had brand new batteries go bad. 1 mth. Acting like a draw. quick test leave battery unhooked over night or two and see if still draws down on it's own. These batteries tested good after recharging with known good testers. Finally they would completely die after chasing them for a month or two.
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    Tucker Foot Brake Sticking

    Brian putting a smaller bore mastercyl. for brakes will give you a lower and probably soft pedal. Putting in a larger bore than what it came with give you a higher pedal and [harder]. We used to put f450 masters on f350s to give it a much better pedal feel especially if you carried or towed a...
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    Sno kitten drums

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    Aktiv Grizzley

    Can anybody tell me the year of this machine by serial#? Also any info for parts or maybe a parts chassis. This one has a polaris motor in it and I think the rear suspension parts are arctic cat super jag parts. I searched the Internet and really didn't come up with much of anything. This one...
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    1957 tucker snow kitten

    Pontoons all apart and greased all cleaned out. Little bit of welding and straighten. Can these be converted to adjustable style?
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    1957 tucker sno kitten

    Sno kitten pics.
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    Hi, Looking to find a reasonable shipper or someone that might be traveling that can haul a tucker sno-cat kitten. Part way,All the way from Plains Mt. to Mass. Pm if you want. Thanks Ed
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    I've been looking at groomers for a couple of months trying see what I would really like to purchase. I have a couple of questions. On the tuckers I been in a couple with rubber tracks. How do the ones with pontoons and steel tracks compare. As far as going through deep snow and staying on top...