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  • ooh blow over some of that sunshine please? we had snow from October to March and we've barely had anything but rain since, and we only had 2 or 3 good summer days last year. what idiot decided to call this country GREAT Britain LOL
    about to snuggle down a bit, torrential rain and nasty wind has that effect on me LOL...but going to have supper at a friends later. homemade lasagna, salad and coleslaw. yum!
    hey stop messing up my profile page...i never do it to the way that smell seems to be here still pmsl.
    hello sir im looking for my puppy....have you seen my so sad without my puppy
    oi slacker whats going on.....are you drunk...sleeping with sleazy women.....gambling....if none of the above im so so pissed off pmsl
    I'm not doin too good with the quitting just now, still having a few a day. But I'll keep trying. x
    Thanks, I thought it would be fun to get to know the folks over here. Are you as friendly as we are at NCT? I hear your bark is worse than your bite. lol
    Thought i would pop by and mess up ya space rrfjheoi;sdvbr;aehhe'hlmhlbtjekgmO@QH%RB

    Hello Are you online?Wanna a be a friend of yours.
    I am a mom of 2 children.from Sri Lanka.

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