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  • I don't know why you left (and it's none of my business) but I would like to have you back.
    Sometimes people just get sick of a place they post on for awhile. I got real POed at chatroom I use (mostly catpeople) a few weeks ago. Mostly about (what else) politics. Anyway I'm back now.
    Some of us from here use this http://www.offtopicz.com/index.php? but that place is dull. I also go to Talkblade but there is only so much about knives I can post. Fortunately they have an off topic board there. Anyway good to hear from you.
    got a new second car.....should i post about it???....it is American in a way or some form so you should be proud lol
    sorry i dozed off...got bored with tv and the 6 packs running around .....why have a 6 pack when a barrel holds more pmsl
    just found a snickers in my pocket.....either that or something is in need of a wash hahahahahaha....good evening sir hansom dude.
    thanx. i prize it & other old items much further than much of the fancy/new. yep, i luv new, w/in reason. shoes. my luvs, tho- many from my Parents' drawers of vintage stuff & vintage consignment places, & things like milk cans....... i may be 31. dammit if i can't see the quality of old items, tho!
    Bonjour little Asian friend....my penis is large and works fine thank you hahahahahaha
    who's this girl messing with our twatwaffle time??? don't make me come over there and spank you girl hahahahahahaha....hi Lith....i send love:flowers:

    Rusty gets me talking shit hahahahahahaha
    i am told on the record she is safe...off the record get her out asap where she is staying...WTF.....waiting back on a call....ex army buddy is up for a all is end all on my behalf....shit i am so tired...i can only joke and laugh for so long....this will end bad for some fucker and it wont be me
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