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  • I have never had it, but it sounded interesting. And I can get watermelon from the local farmers market; my 97 year old Grandma sells it :) She does not grow it; she works for a local farmer who sells at local markets.
    Ya, I have a homebrew/work buddy, that left ten years ago, andis brewmiester for Valley Brewing in Stockton, Ca(about an hour and 15 from here). He origianlly bought the brewery with a partner, then the partner wanted out. He could not afford to buy him out, so they sold. But, the new owner retained him as brewmiester. Shame is, back then I probably could have bought the partner out. But I only heard about it after the deal was done...

    I just got a recipe from an friend who owns a small winery locally. I think this weekend I may try to start a batch of watermelon wine. Still have to wait though; pretty much any wine takes a year or so to ferment. That is why I like beer; it is ready to drink 4-6 weeks after you brew.
    son! thats my dream!!! too bad yer on the other side of the country, we could do it.

    would still need to find a cash backer thought hahahahahahaahaha
    I know that feeling. I used to work here for 17 years. Took a package when business was bad. Tried other stuff, but like high-tech. Only thing they have for me is temp jobs. Those operate a year working, 6 months off... The 6 months off sucks... Sacramento area job market is aweful, especially in high-tech.

    My dream is to open a brew-pub. Without a cash backer, that aint gonna happen!
    I sell parts for a Volvo dealership. its a good job, but just wish i had some more cahs layin around. tierd of just 'payin the bills' ya know
    What kinda work you usually do? I work at Intel, now as a temp, butwas full time for 17 years. Mostly worked in failure analysis, trying to find out why chips broke. Now I do Energy Star power testing on PC's. we try to see how much power PC's, and some components use, and if they meet the Federal energy star recomendations.
    nah i woulda been just driving, and ccleaning on down time. but i turned it down, not sure its the best decision for the car ATM
    You were talking about working on the side at a pizza joint; you make them too? In days gone by, I was pretty good at throwing 26" pizza's. That is a lot of dough. Used to make some decent pies!
    It is an odd link to a friends friends link, where she was able to upload a few of her original songs.

    I'm just bumming right now. I have a corny keg(converted soda keg/cylinder) of homebrew pale ale, but my converted apartment type refrigerator just does not get it cold; just cool... I think I needed to buy a better fridge than the one at Wal Mart...
    yup! well to the link for your facebook dealie i only got a song??? but anyway i am on there too. ifn ya wanna be m' friend, just PM me for my name and you'l find me.
    Well, my sig is my lat/long. My GPS when I took those coordinates, indicated accuracy within 6'. And that, was on our front patio.

    From that, it is easy to deduce that RN is my initials. Then you'd notice that E228 is the Engine I volunteer on at the fire station. A quick Google would show the my fire station a couple miles down the road.

    And from that, it is easy to find my facebook page.

    Tough to be anonymous these days:biggrin:

    My friend Song Babe sums it up:
    thats good. have you any wonder how i know where you are from? i got your addy too but did not want to post it for the public :shifty:

    although im sure you figured it out :biggrin:
    Just havin fun! Saturady finished roofing, Sunday went sailing on San Francisco Bay. Today, back to work... Enjoying the very mild summer. Have not even been on a wildfire yet; our engines have very few wildfire call-outs
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