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  • Well it appears I'm even worst, maybe I'll need a fog horn to alert me when I get messages!
    New comer at this. Ounce a month we have supplys , food , mail flown to us . could go 6 months at a time , but ounce a month is more normal. Computer age helped us . The world is at our finger tips now. Hate going to town. Ounce a year is enough. Retired .. But not dead. Wilderness is the life, but live like a king all the same. Mix new tech and old, works for wife and I. Here since 85. & no we don't sit back & watch the world go by, or hold the end of a bar up. we live here and its work every day . Just not doing it for the bank, but for us. Plus we do not get sick way out here-- away from germ folks..No colds , flues & the like..Take care Yah Hear !
    Will do, they came from Florida, but her husband didn't like his job and I think they wanted to be closer to family. His and her Mom both live around there, but they're still a fer piece from me.
    Geeze, that is a twist, I really like Southeast Alaska, Ketch is a really nice town but it is not on the road system and that bothers a lot of people for some reason.

    The Weather is pretty mild except for the constant drizzle of rain, but it either drives you insane or you don't pay attention to it, which in itself is a touch of insanity I would guess.

    Well when you make it to interior Alaska, make sure you give us a heads up so we can either hide or meet you!
    I would like to meet a bunch of the people here, I think we could could solve most of the world's problems over a few beers!

    I get hours of entertainment just reading everyone's thoughts and enjoy them all, even the sparing with those that don't agree with what is

    Hope you and everyone else has a Happy New Year... And if you get to Alaska, there is a bunch of us here on the forum from Nenana... Would be happy to meet with you!
    Thanks for the Rep points. I just call them as I see them. I don't post unless I can backup what I have to say. There's too much of that BS out there already.
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