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  • Thanks for the points. the place is still colorful. Paint sale at WalMart?
    Bloody Hell m8....just popped in to Wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and got blinded by the colour of the shirt you have drying in here:yum::yum::yum:you must be colour blind or just damn right insane:yum:

    Happy Thanksgiving Clarkson to you and your Loved ones.
    Nice pix! I ride a mountain bike on the trails here...just for fun. Do you compete?
    Yes we were on another forum together, but we are very close. Ron Burgundy is a great friend as well.
    That's cool man. I wish I played. I will die regretting that I did not.
    I am going to be honest about something RBack. But only because you seem like a cool dude so far. But it looks like a Smarties® factory in here.
    I have always wanted one, but still haven't decided. I was a history major in school, so when I finally do it, it will be related to history somehow. :)
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