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  • Like minded is right. Mark. Mike, I know what you mean, I was 43 when I lite out for A home stead Opp.. After a few years of research and living in Wassilla AK. Met Sara Palin in 1983 there.// Was dissabled nov. of 77 , bullit in brain. Lived and moved to AK.// Need to write a book ! Duane
    Thanks for the info, I wish I'd done something like that way back when. Born and raised in the Dallas area and never got very far away. I spend all my vacation in the desert south west in the boonies, so I like the solitude. I hear ya about the work, we have a few acres in the country and it's non stop and we don't depend on it for food.
    My daughter lived in Ketchikan for a couple of years, so that's the only part of Alaska I've seen up close. I should have headed that way forty years ago I guess. Mike
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