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    442 Refurbishment Project

    looking great Dave, ... keep up the good work,...
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    Br-160 questions

    so,... the common problem with the parts scenario with the perkins models put into the bombi's , is that they were licensed specific to the BR line. most you can't even buy parts direct from perkins. you have to go thru a BR/Prinoth dealer. now, the next issue is that Prinoth bought out the...
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    1989 Tucker 1644c

    all very good info & history ,... and yes these 545's will snap your head when put in a snocat,... most likely due to the weight difference from a school bus , medium duty truck, etc. and not letting up with the right foot,... but who else makes a tranny that you can mate up to just about...
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    hello gang,.... hope all is well. current project is making ''wakes'' ...?? or waves out at tucker lake....
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    1989 Tucker 1644c

    1bg, the area you need to ''reduce'' is a small diameter in comparison to the rest of the plate. a bridgeport would make short work of that. as long as the cam gear doesnt have any other interference issues with plate, bolts, etc. should be good to go,...
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    1542 conversion to a 1543 supersized project

    a few laps around tucker lake ystrdy,....
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    assisted with winch install, for a local club. this terra 2000 replaces a prinoth,.... this compliments the other 1000 .....
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    Tucker 1544 IRAN Project

    When you open the can..''of worms'',.. the list can grow quickly. being in the diesel business, I have had to deal & buy parts off the N.J. based ,... ''dr. diesel''. he has one opinion for sure ,... his . but you can pull the needed info out of him, if one is persistent & patient...
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    '69 443A , upgraded to a 444 B...

    ready for the ....''JET SLEDS''.,....
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    1542 conversion to a 1543 supersized project

    we ve got a foot of base snow,.... started the compression process,....killing snowflakes......
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    Bombardier SW54 Project

    nothing like old iron. welcome.
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    1977 Tucker 542ASC

    if its nuts & bolts, there will always be something. no matter how far ahead you look. dig the rear seats, another rear rider to the gang.
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    Nellie ''Bell''

    S/D ; great point . and I love upgrades & overkill. so , what we decided to do was ''mimick'' the original design, but upgrade the type/rating of the ''leafs'' composite material. something like '''3014 to 3136'' (CRS) .,... the increased weight difference was 250-300LBS. from...
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    Nellie ''Bell''

    1BG, yes, mainly for the weight difference. and the old ones were the ones we put in on the first restoration,...