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  • holy cow batman, glad you are still around or even square, great looking tucker and serious project to take on, stay orange and tucker on
    Holy Crap. I had no idea all these messages were here. I didnt realize there was a secret handshake messaging way (Visitor Message)
    Sorry, I had no idea these where here. :-/
    I really tried to make McCall Happen but I failed. Sorry I missed it. I hope you had a wonderful time! I so wanted to see you and Nick but Alas...
    What is the next meet? If Mt Hood Happening again?

    I hope all is well. Dont hesitate to badger me if you dont hear back from me...

    Best Regards.

    Frederique B.
    howdy, kinda thought i would see you at mccallin' do hope all is okay, even brought out an extra cat for you to cat around in
    good morning,

    it sure was wonderful to see ya and that big warm smile of yours at the clowder, and then, if the surprise of seeing wasn't enough, come to find out you are now a tucker owner, you are full of surprises, love to see photos of your new machine,

    stay orange and tucker on
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