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    Brady has charges tossed by judge!

    Will play full schedule now.:clap:
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    Name a place you've had sex

    In a chair lift shanty on top of the mountain.
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    They never forget!????

    I needed a gel cushion wheelchair pad so the wife ordered one off E-bay. Got the usual transaction notices and filed them like I always do. When I checked the shipping notice this morning they had shipped them to our old address from over 10 years ago. We have bought over 120 items since we...
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    Doc's are happy, I feel like crap.

    Seems like the exotic chemo pills are working and have knocked my white cells down to 57. That is the lowest they have ever been in 3 years of going to the cancer center. The past 2 weeks I have been getting spells of nausea and diarrhea that make it hard to get much done at all. I am supposed...
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    Tour de bear!

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    This is crazy!

    Monday it was 91 when I left the cancer center. Tonight they predict 28 with a freeze warning and widespread frost. The apple trees will take a beating since they are flowered out heavy. Lilacs were pretty and just filling out as well.Had to turn the heat on again.:hammer:
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    Damn things are out like mad already this year. Neighbor up the road bought 3 dump truck loads of chicken shit to spread on his fields and that made it even worse.
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    New Bass Pro Shops in Memphis includes hotel

    They also have a water area for boats so you can rock with the waves as you check out the boats.
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    crazy med prices!

    finally got out of hospital yesterday. while I was there we started the new cancer drug. $150 per pill!! Take 2 per day so it adds up fast.:hammer:
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    Time to end the debate!

    This patent drawing clearly shows the right way!