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  • Hello MR. TR. If you would like to come and hang with me the door is always open. :mrgreen:
    I might have to run to town and get some more pie though! These folks make it in a paper bag and top it with caramel - its really good. I mean REALLY good. $$
    The shotgun (for the most part) is working out well. Had an interesting situation with it the other day but before I report incorrectly I will need to see if the situation repeats itself. But all-in-all I'm having fun. Trashed my visa card on ammo though... :)
    TR, that's a beautiful M1 collection. I remember when you could get either a M1 Carbine or 1911 for $14.75 thru MILSURP mailorder, but most of those were armory reconditioned.

    Yours like like original GI. SWEET!
    Thanks for the friend request, but you probably shouldnt be seen hanging out with me in this neighborhood. :biggrin: really, thanks again.
    Yes, I likeit also. opinions are vented but no one seems to take personal offense. I believe we can thank good mods for that.
    It is nioce the site powner inon frequnetly as well. perhaps that explains the good manners.

    One thing is for sure,there are plenty of topics here. Politics seems toreagnsupreme but the others,man I could waste a whole day here. And enjoy every minute.

    Thanks for the pic comment, TR. Come on over to Wisconsin and we can swap rides for a day! LOL... maybe by then I'll have my 2nd gen CTS-V. :biggrin:
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