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    Rushing over some lake in Finland

    Finland is country of 1000 lakes... rushing over one of those lakes.. powered by Buster RS and Johnson 40 hv.. .
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    Sizeable rocks and old Ford wheel loader

    First tests for My old Ford A64 wheel loader power... pushing some smaller and bigger rocks... .
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    Removing hard ridge of snow on road with Wheel loader

    Local snow blower left very hard ridge of snow on road.. try to remove it with My Ford wheel loader.. ,
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    Swans in Snowfall

    When I driving My car I suddenly see couple swans very near on the road.. and same time rains lots of snow.. .
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    Very Heavy snow and Old Ford Wheel loader

    Testing My old Ford Wheel loader forces and push some very heavy snow.. here is about 1 meter snow... .
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    Ice Road - Driving Top of The Lake

    Headline tells everything...
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    Drone prop upgrade and camera gimbal

    I change My Cheerson CX20 Drone 2- blade propellers to 3- blade propellers and install Eachine Light-2D Brushless Gimbal. Little review and flight test with winter scenery. .
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    Review - Old Ford A64 Wheel Loader

    Closer review on My year 1980 Ford A64 wheel loader. .
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    Making Forest road with Minibackhoe

    Making forest road with My towable minibackhoe.. one big alder stump give quite good fight... Leveling road: Making Forest road with Towable Backhoe Kellfri / Metsätien tekoa minikaivurilla - YouTube Fight against stump: Dark Fight Against Big Alder Stump - YouTube .
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    Old Ford A64 Wheel loader pushing snow

    Today was little bit warmer day and try to push some snow with My old Ford A64 wheel loader.. .
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    My Next project - Old Ford A64 Wheel Loader

    Today got My next project, old year 1980 Ford A64 wheel loader.. will see how this goes..:mellow: .
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    Log Gray Alders with Dolmar PS-35C chainsaw

    Clear some Gray Alders pass on forest road what I cone make, this alders I going to use on firewood.. .
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    Review - DIY Operator cabin for ATV towable backhoe

    My operator cabin project for Kellfri towable ATV backhoe is ready.. time to show results.. .
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    MetsaMan Song - Country Version

    My Friend make song for Me.. MetsaMan.. Multitalent Guy this how plays on this piece, He make that guitar by Himself on Jerry can.. :punk:
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    Dark & Snow and David Brown

    Last night here rains about 20 cm snow... :ermm: .