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    Snow-trac upgrades

    Aha, that makes sense. Is it something they can "re-produce" for other customers???
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    wtb st4 steering wheel and directional sw

    What size are those 2 front tires?
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    Snow-trac upgrades

    Not sure how far you are on this yet, but curious about the wiring harness, what is it's intended use (vw? hot rod? etc?) and how is it working for the Snow Trac?
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    Snow Trac ST4 new owner, looking for connections.

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, I don't see much on here for Snow Trac Only discussions? If there are other places that would be a better posting area please let me know. I made the jump into the Snow Trac ownership life, not that this makes the wife happy in any way right...