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  • This is one of those total no win situations. They are assholes and have the right to be as such lest we all lose those same precious rights. Glad they have not come around here to pull their games.
    No need to spank me......o you said thanks...hahahaha.....have a great day and i will drink one for you.
    It must be nice to know ya'll are superior to the lemmings. It must kill you guys when what's said on the right comes true. Please continue to enjoy your hierarchy.
    It really is a waste of time as most of their information comes from Fox News or Rush Limp what ever during the day on the radio. The majority of US citizens are basically ignorant when it comes to current events.
    I rarely yell besides many here don't have a clue they are lemmings. I kind of feel sorry for a few of them.
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