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    New to me 1936 Caterpillar RD4, get it running project

    Well, I'm done licking my COVID wounds and worked on the old cat some today, I drained the molasses and water mix from the pony gas tank. It got some extra time to work when I was down. First cleaned it thoroughly with water then acetone to get the last bit of water out. Also cleaned the fuel...
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    What are you doing today, 2021 edition

    My dad passed in 2014, there isn't a day I don't think about him.
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    My dad

    I honestly don't know what to say, except I am very sorry.
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    Covid Vaccine ... My Body My Choice? Or not? VAX Mandates announced!

    My number was off its not .002 its .0002 which is 99.9998. The point is as a percentage its not very much. Would I like to be one of those? No but I just had it and still say it would have been better to let it play out earlier, more therapeutics and protect those that need it.
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    Covid Vaccine ... My Body My Choice? Or not? VAX Mandates announced!

    If it was allowed to run it coarse when it first came out. 1- 98.8% of us would still be here, I just had it along with the wife. 2- The world economy would be in a lot better shape. 3- maybe there wouldn't be all the variants because it would have been over a long time ago. 4- The majority of...
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    Covid Vaccine ... My Body My Choice? Or not? VAX Mandates announced!

    My wife and just had it, all the research I did suggested we are now protected better than the vaccine. So why do antibodies not count as vaccinated?
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    Covid Vaccine ... My Body My Choice? Or not? VAX Mandates announced!

    like mia2ofus said, its just another way to further divide the country, sex, race, politics now vaccines. What is next, eye color.
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    What are you doing today, 2021 edition

    Took the wife to get blood drawn for a test, Went to Costco and stocked up while was getting poked. Timing was perfect, as soon as I pulled in the parking lot she came out. Now we are going to have a seafood salad with prawns, sea scallops, salmon with artichoke hearts and a little smoked cheese...
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    NY Bans sale of Gas powered Cars starting in 2035

    I have 110 gallons of dieseling 55 gallons of gas stored in drums, its about time to rotate it out, as its about a year old now.
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    Corona Virus spreading ... US official says no need to worry

    So yesterday was my first day working gain, had 2 job walks. Everything went well but it was 100 degrees outside. The wife has made steady improvement, O2 good and her energy is returning. She has a sore throat as a side effect of one of her medications, she cant talk much (y) and thats not all...
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    Astro van cat conversion

    Most folks run filled tires in the front to take abuse the air for the rest, Tire foam is heavy
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    Astro van cat conversion

    If you leave the original floor in the body, how are you going to access the drive train for maintenance?
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    Astro van cat conversion

    Gutting it all out for a nice fit plus mounting it will be more work than you think, although somewhere on this forum a guy put a cabover tilt cab on a ski dozer with a flat bed deck that turned out really nice, also saw one with a 60's dodge van body mounted, looked good also. To me that truck...
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    Ebay Kitten

    Could be wife- get that damn thing out of the garage, its been in there for 10 years and you will never finish it. husband- ok ill put it on eBay wife shuts up and the kitten is still in the garage for 10 more years.
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    Toons For The Times 2021

    Sounds like it time for the northern revolution