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    My dad

    RIP. It is really easy to get killed around big rigs. The brake button has killed more than one driver.
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    Best Chainsaw?

    I have both a husky and a mcculogh. Use Stihl on the logging jobs. I prefer the husky for heavy work.=, but it is basically a one person saw. will get finicky if it has multiple users. McCuloch is ok for regular yard work. Stihl is good, but they run fast. Like a tramp, they seem to enjoy...
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    “hottest month EVER in the history of the planet”

    And Bernie is actually stupid enough to believe that. It is incorrect on all counts, but he probably believes it.
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    I was a blonde for 3 months in HS so here goes

    At the beginning of the space program, the scientists decided to use monkeys instead of blondes for three reasons. 1) The monkeys learned faster. 2) The monkeys remembered what they learned longer. 3) The monkeys ate the bananas.
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    I was a blonde for 3 months in HS so here goes

    What do you call a brunette walking between two blondes? an interpreter. What do you call three blondes in a row? A wind tunnel.
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    Marijuana legalization to become a Senate Priority

    The best known gateway drug is soda. Marijuana is way down on that list.
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    Bill Cosby Found Guilty

    More simple. If A DA gives you immunity, they don't get to walk it back.
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    Police reform dragging behind qualified immunity

    i think qualified immunity should be seriously reformed. Eliminating it, however, isn't the answer.
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    Is It Time to Abolish the FBI?

    The time to abolish the FBI was the day it was created. The FBI has a history of spying on, and harassing the American citizen. From the day it was conceived, it has been a criminal organization.
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    Trump To Return To Social Media With Own Platform

    Mike Lindell is also talking about his own platform. Be interesting to watch.
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    FUNNY PICTURE THREAD . . . Part 2 - Year 2021

    That's one heck of a place to hide the peanuts.
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    I never would have thought it possible but it appears both GA senate races are going to the Dems.

    I really don't see why anyone is surprised by the GA vote. After all, the democrats managed to steal the presidential election openly and get away with it.
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    happy new year

    Felice nuevo ano. Happy nrew year. Here's hoping 2021 is better than this year. 1783 Bourbon lifted in salute.
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    Does FUEL STABILIZER actually hurt your small engines? Kill motorcycle engines?

    No, no. You feed the corn to cows and pigs, and then eat them.
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    The jury is in on Hydroxychloroquine – ‘it saves lives’: Rowan Dean

    Over 14 studies, only four show high death rates. And those only because it was used to treat acute patients with high dosage.