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    SW 67..track belting length..

    I have a sw 67 that has tracks patched up over years with multiple pieces.. my question is anybody know what the stock length should be for the belting. trying to rework these and measuring what I have is not accurate.. thanks..
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    WTS soucy st100 tracks

    Complete track kit for kubota rtv. Excellent shape, these are the best u can buy. Have only been used in snow. These tracks are smooth, quiet, tough. Willing to make a deal. Located in ny. Questions please ask.
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    wts thiokol 201

    Thiokol 201 with drag for sale. sprockets are good, motor runs good, the drag is ram steer and works good. The machine does need tlc, but all the lights work and is very functional as is.Located in upstate ny Asking $5500 , open to offers..thanks
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    posting pics

    can someone help me post some pics..I have a cat that I would like to sell..thanks
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    wts thiokol 2100b parts

    I have a 2100 b thiokol..could be bought as a repairable unit or for parts. any interest let me know..has 391 v8 motor, c6 transmission, 0c12 rear end has not run in 3 years, tracks are decent, has plow ( fair-poor)..has a bucket lift on it..I will part it out or sell complete....585-509-2800 is...
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    Have a Go Tract GT 200 with 890 hours on it. Ford motor, auto trans, t-16 Differential, pickup style rear, Hydraulics..Runs Good..Any interest..??
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    Help: Go Tract 200, 300, 800 . . . etc

    Anybody have any knowledge of a go tract gt 200, 300, 800..I would love a manual or any experiences that anybody has had with these..:neutral:
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    WTS 1964 Thiokol IMp 1402

    I have a 1964 thiokol imp, serial number 88..Has been used to pull a small groomer. Overall in fair condition. I can't figure the pic post out but I will keep trying. Any interest email me @ ..Open to offers.
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    1964 1402 thiokol imp

    looking for advice on an older 1402..1964...was up on tug hill for years pulled a 6 foot groomer, wisconsin engine..not really in terriable shape, but whats the good about this and the bad..I know pulling or pushing with these over years could bother or certainly have effects on it..any...
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    WTB tracked snow cat

    WTB, any condition snow/cat/bombardier/thiokol in upstate NY:biggrin: