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    electrical services

    Electrical problems are not "do it yourself", I made a lot of service calls on folks that tried. As mentioned by others here, call an electrician !!
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    Tire/d of BS

    I just recently brought a tire from my John Deere 318 garden tractor to Discount Tire because it had a slow leak and I wanted them to put a tube in it. They told me they couldn't work on the tire because it was too old. Apparently there's a law. It's the original tire (37 years old) but it's on...
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    How new or old are your vehicles?

    2002 Toyota Camry with 52,000 mi. 2008 Buick LaCrosse just turned 35,000
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    How the GOP could destroy voter fraud over the next couple of years

    I thought he did file suits in those states but the Attorney general's of those states dismissed the cases. Not sure though. A good example of voter fraud was here in my district. On election night the news reported that 100% of the precincts were counted and the Rep. won by 512 votes. On the...
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    Pets and Wildlife images part two, 2021

    Here's one of the pictures I took of a mother squirrel moving her little ones out of the nest to behind a woodpile.
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    Social Security or Greedy Senior Citizens

    I was self-employed for my last 30 years of working so I paid BOTH parts of my SS. I will also have to add that I have received a LOT more than I contributed in the 16 years I've been collecting SS. But - - - there are millions of folks that have been on welfare much longer than that and have...
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    Toons For The Times

    No explanation needed .........
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    How We Killed the Tea Party

    I miss the Tea Party too. I thought that we might get rid of the RINO's once and for all , but, no such luck. There is literally no difference in the 2 parties anymore. They talk about each other but end up agreeing on most everything.
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    Tidbits AKA Groaners

    Here's a real groaner for you............... Besides Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph there was one more reindeer. Do you know her name ? (go down) Its Olive, Olive the other reindeer!
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    How Close was WI to Flipping? Can the Senate Overturn the Election? Dominion Demystified

    I suspect that after 'lunch bucket joe' takes office, we will hear about the miscounted/over counted ballots but they will say the " nothing can be done now, we'll keep a close watch on the next election" or something similar.
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    Changes once you hit 60 or 70 ...

    Great post !! I'm pushing 80 with a short stick and I've also given a lot of thought to my life (or what's left of it), I have an 'A' personallity and I make every effort to mellow out and it feels a lot better. Thanks for sharing those thoughts.
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    Reputations ?

    I'm new here but I notice that nobody uses the 'reputation' feature. All I see is the 'thank you' being used. I'm on another site with the same layout and everybody uses the 'rep' , just curious !
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    Help wanted

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    Just joined

    I've been looking for a forum like this and I've been reading posts here but I guess I used up my free looking so I thought I'd join. Thanks for having me.