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    Finally, The CIA Admits Covering Up JFK Assassination

    Finally, The CIA Admits Covering Up JFK Assassination October 9, 2015 by Sophie McAdam Even if you have to wait over 50 years, eventually the truth will out... Suspicions that the CIA covered up JFK‘s murder have finally been confirmed, according to an explosive Politico report out this...
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    Black Lives Matter - Jackpot!

    The City of Baltimore proposes settlement with the family of socialite Freddie Gray. A mere $6.4 million. This is ONE black life that matters. Is Baltimore doing the right thing? Don't you think Freddie's family would just rather have him back?
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    Bald Eagle in my yard

    Filthy things are everywhere. Crappin' on the car; scaring the wife; buzzing the dog; eating the neighborhood cats (not that there's anything wrong with that). Such a comeback!
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    My son works at Lowes .............

    Sweet! I think you need a good .338 Lapua, .416 Barrett or even a .50 BMG just to keep it well exercised.
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    Name a place you've had sex

    On my old boss's desk. From that day forward it was hard as hell to stifle the smirk on my face when I'd be in sitting in his office talking with him.
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    Obama, the American president and anti-Semite

    I'm too disgusted to even provide a link. Barack Hoossein Obama hates the Jews so much that he will not congratulate Netanyahu on his election win, but instead takes Iran and Hamas off the terror watch list. Maybe it's just me. But what a despicable man, yet alone such a presidential fraud.
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    Bowe Bergdahl Verdict - Dersertion

    After months of stonewalling, word has it that Bergdahl is to be charged with DESERTION. And THIS is the man Obama traded for five Al Qaeda generals. I wonder if Obama will announce the desertion verdict with another celebration in the Rose Garden with Bowe's father, Taliban Bob. How...
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    What's a dead zebra to do

    A Zebra dies and arrives at the Pearly Gates... As he enters, he asks St. Peter, 'I have a question that's haunted me all of my days on earth. Am I white with black stripes, or am I black with white stripes?' St. Peter said, 'That's a question only God can answer.' So the zebra went off in...
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    Shakedown Al

    Al Sharpton’s Shakedown Operation by RICK MORAN You have to ask what’s more nauseating? Al Sharpton’s threats to cry “racism” at corporations who don’t ante up or the corporations themselves who meekly acquiesce to the Reverend’s bullying tactics? Sharpton has a lot of pull with New York...
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    Eric Holder ...Don't Let the Door Hit You in the Ass!

    WASHINGTON, Sept. 25 (UPI) -- Eric Holder will announce his plans to step down as Attorney General Thursday, and will depart the Department of Justice as soon as his successor is confirmed, NPR reports. This is a breaking news story. Check back for updates. Read more...
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    Obama on beheading

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    A tragic reason to loot and burn your own neighborhood. Eric Holder is on the case.

    Mass looting and mayhem follow vigil for slain teen Vandalism, looting after vigil for Missouri man Aug 11th 2014 3:08AM 2670 Comments FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) -- A candlelight vigil for an unarmed black man who was fatally shot by a suburban St. Louis police officer was followed by unrest as...
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    Imagine the World Without Her

    Anyone read the book or watched the movie? Shop for more great books by Dinesh D'Souza here Dinesh D'Souza: Visit: Born in Mumbai, India, Dinesh D'Souza came to the U.S. as an exchange student and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Dartmouth College in 1983. From there...
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    Windows 8

    Finally had to replace my 12-year old HP tower with a newfangled HP Pavilion, preloaded with Windows 8. Anyone else using 8, and how do you like it?
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    Photo-Speeding Tickets ... How To Beat The Rap.

    Now That’s How You Beat A Photo-Radar Speeding Ticket February 7, 2014 by Ben Bullard...