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  • I don't compete yet. I have had the new bike about 2 1/2 weeks. I put 105 miles on it the first 7 days... Last couple of weeks have been busy with the holiday and I have slowed some.. I do hope to maybe compete one day. I bought it for stress relief in my chaotic life. It was either that or I was gonna be a drunk...I think I made the right choice! ;)
    now my profile looks like a drunk 17 y/o girl took it over... btw. check out my pics... I added 4 new ones today... I think it will be obvious which 4...
    Yeah... I remember now why I don't make those changes usually.. I don't have the patience to deal with it!
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    It takes a bit to figure out the logistics, but once you do, you can
    create a really neat profile!

    I would have posted this in your profile but I did not see that option there!
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