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    early tucker photos

    My bucket keeps getting bigger
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    Outdoor cover for snowcat

    Here is a cover that I have it came with the cat and I have had it about 10 years it is sunbrella material and was made by Tahoe canvas
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    1953 Tucker Sno Cat 443 Mt Washington WMTW Channel 8 Restoration

    Here is the original push button from my 52 443 I replaced it with an aluminum one that I made
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    Round Door Kitten Restoration

    Fuel tank sending unit for a willys Cj2a Jeep fit my 1956 curved door kitten and works perfectly with the stock tucker gauge
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    Tucker for auction

    here is the tag for a 1952
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    Tucker 542 steering help

    My 1973 tucker 542 does not want to turn. The hydraulic pump seems to bypass when I turn the steering wheel. Does anyone know how to adjust the relief valve in the pump it is a vickers pump? Any ideas would be appreciated thanks, Jeff
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    wtb tucker fiberglass pontoon parts

    looking for the shoes for the bottom of fiberglass pontoons for a 442/443 location grass valley ca