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  • We have been dry until two nights ago and now last night we got a 1/3 of an inch. I know the farmers want more but I need it to dry some so to plant my garden. Like I have enough time in my life to work a garden.
    good to hear from walking with a cane and brace on the nee....dont know about getting into a boat yet.....I find it slow going with a cane in one hand and tools ect. in the other!!!!takes a lot of trips to get some projects done!!! will get on the forms a little more now...I hope!!! later Jerry Hope this finds you well and able!!!
    You want my honest opinion and either side along the Mississippi is just awesome. Many bikers from the twin cities ride down along the Bay City, Stockholm, Pepin and Durand area during the summer. They have two big rides a ride one in the spring and one in the fall. Nelson a town of about 200 took me 30 minutes to get through it was packed with so many Harleys. Makes most men drewl like a hot babe on a beech.
    Yep Im doing well. out of the wheel chair using cains in the house and crutches out side and the little tractor is right handy as a ....all turain wheel chair!!!! another 6 weeks or so I should be doing fine....Dont get on the poorer much for takes me a lot longer to get things done...with a cane in each hand it is hard to carry much in the way of I get mom to help out ...she says shed thinks Im more bother than the kids were to raise.....HE HE I try to be!!!!!!Thanks for asking any way...Later Jerry
    Swapping my Crossfire with a CTS-V for a day? Better be careful. You might not get that Caddy back. LOL. I love the CTS-V. Such an awesome car. Have a great day. Butch
    Doing fine...dont spend as much time with the friend....(why is this blue?) a grand daughter came out and is helping out...he is breathing better but is more or less dead from the chest down.....Been trying to get things done around here before winter hits...How is every thing up your way????Hope your summer went well...later Jerry
    yes it would have been sweet. But not in the cards today. A good game only one bad call against the Packers and then the kicking incident. Shouldn't have happened but what was said to cause it we don't know. The last ten minutes had everyone on the edge of their seat.
    Im fine..try to spend a couple of hours with my friend each day and keeping up with the honeydues around here.......thanks for asking...I usely jump on and read the mail and see whats going on and get back off.....Just noticed last night that I had a message from you...sorry Im so late in answering......will get on more later ...Jerry
    It's still HOT - this hot weather is bringing me down. But I still have the cold beer after work to look forward to.
    Ops sorry I missed your mess.on the 18th....nope havent been fishing at all...Ive been spending a lot of time with a friend.......he is dieing and has ask for some company....wouldnt leave the cigs alone and it has finely gotten to him....loungs are all but the point that oxy wont do him any good...Doc did give him some pills that will calum him down when he gets to gasping and fighting for air...other than that it is just a waiting game.....this is the third time Ive done dont get any easyer!!!!! Guess Im lucky Im a cheepscate!!! when cigs hit 35 cents a pack I quit...had shoes and clothes to buy for the kids and figured they were more inportant to me than smoking!!! aint touched one sence! later ...the phone may ring early for me to go back up to sit....Jerry
    Yep ....doing fine the bad weather went north of us by a long way.......thanks for asking though....
    One of the first things I did to this place was to put in a storm celler....Mom and I boyh grew up in western Kansas and twisters were a commend thing...when I put it in every one around here laughed at us for spending the money..but in the last few years Im noticing several have been put in...Out west you could see a twister comming for with the hills and trees it would be on ya before you knew it was around!!! although you can feel them in time if they arent moving so fast as to not give ya time to head to the celler... Later Jerry
    Thanks for showing! Wow that is one unique saw! It must be worth something - give how rare that type is.
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