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    Would like to find 6 aluminum idler wheels for our 1987 LMC 1500. Any out there? Thanks Steve
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    Interesting collection I found in Maine

    We were snowmobiling in Andover Maine over the weekend and we came across this collection under a really nice pole barn, don't know much about them the only markings were on the white and black one "Studebaker" across the back. Anyone here know what these are?
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    Finally EFI conversion

    We are finally getting around to swaping out the carb for a Howell EFI kit. Pretty simple as our machine already had a GM style HEI distributor. Working on the mounting of the fuel pump and return line to the tank today.
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    Torsion axles for snowcat

    We have a LMC 1500 and looking for a manufacturer to make a new torsion axle as this one is worn out. Anyone here have any contact? Steve
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    LMC 1500 running too hot what is the correct thermostat?

    We have the AMC 4.0 in our machine. After running it heavy this past weekend I would say it's running too hot at 210 degrees. Finding conflicting results online, most Jeep forums say this is right, wondering if it's right in our rig. I did find in the manual and in the list of parts it calls...
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    Backcountry skiing with friends

    We had a perfect day here on Saturday, 40 degrees and no wind, to take the cat out fully loaded to access some great alpine skiing. 10 guests, 2 snowmobiles, bunch of beer and some great food. Fun had by all.
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    1962 Spryte in Maine

    Not mine,
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    kickdown cable on transmission LMC

    I'm trying to get a handle on the way our 1500 shifts, it's got a torqueflight trans. doing some research I'm finding out the kickdown linkage and adjustment is crucial to getting it to shift right. As it is now it shifts very quickly into 3rd and does not shift down to second applying pressure...
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    Rear seating for our LMC 1500

    I found this bench seat form a Ford Transit van in a local yard and build the bed sides with steel and some marine plastic. Kids are excited for the first ride of the season!
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    Cat gator

    Never seen one of these.
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    Summer projects

    Lets see some summer maintenance projects! Snow will be here before you know it! Here we have a new axle from Dan at Snow Cat Service as our machine had a broken one. Perfect size and fit bolted right up. Going through tracks at the moment so for replaced 250 bolts or so. All new bogie...
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    LMC 1500 axle needed

    I need a replacement axle with torsion springs for my 1987 LMC 1500. Any one know of where I could find one or what the specs are? Thanks in advance. Steve
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    OC-12 rear rebuilding

    With 1500 hrs on my oc-12 I'd like to have my diff/drop boxes gone through with bearings and set up. I called Zimmermans and they can go through the diff but not the boxes. Any suggestions?
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    East Coast IMP **SOLD**

    3 year resto-mod custom cab 4 person 1969 IMP. Runs like a clock starts right up everything works. Fresh rear with all new steering masters and slaves. All new leaf springs and bogies. All new glass. Electric cooling fan. LED bar, headlights, backup lights and courtesy/marker lights...