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    Spryte Aluminum Rim Weld Repair

    Have a few hair line cracks on two of my 1200 Spryte Aluminum Rims along the inside ribs. Any suggestions is this common on these rims and can these be welded ?
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    Spryte 1202 Break Pads

    I need to have my break pads redone and the local shop is asking me how thick are they suppose to be when new ? Can anyone help me with this since my manual doesn't spell it out! Thanks
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    Spryte Orange Paint

    Does anyone know the orange paint color code or were I should look for my 1972 Spryte ?
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    1201 Spryte Cab

    Looking for a early 1970 5 man or 10 man cab for my 1201 Spryte? Anyone know were I can look? Thanks
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    1972 Thiokol 1201 Spryte Body

    Looking for a 5 Man or 10 man Body Shell for my early 70sv1201 Spryte Snowcat If anyone has one or knows we’re I may call ? Thanks