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  • The 542CF is progressing very very slowly, just to busy with work and all my other commitments. I hope to start working on it more soon, but first I have to get some work complete on my truck so I can tow to McCall and Vail. I have had most of the machining completed on the 542CF engine, so once I buy about $1000 more of parts I can start rebuilding it. Thanks for the information on which route to take, I could also take I-80, but then there is some secondary road down to vail that looked possibly questionable in the winter.

    We don't have much snow here by my house yet, so the Frandee has only seen the small amount of snow in the yard. I have a few things to work on with it so it will be ready to go. We might get some snow this week, if so hopefully enough to take it up in the mountains.

    I also need to get my Timbersled put together, not sure if I will bring it to Vail or not, most likely not, can't drive both.

    Are you coming up to McCall this year?
    Sean, Gmoose here with the Frandee. Can you give me some advice on the best route to take to the Vail/Montezuma jamboree from Pocatello, Idaho. I thought since you drove up to McCall last year you may have some advice, like what route not to take. Also, what is the best city to stay at while I am there. Thanks for your help. Dave
    Sean I appreciate the offer and you're a good friend man. I have a smaller vehicle to drive in the meantime just have to get the diesel truck back up and running to haul to snowcats.
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