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    Thiokol 601

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    Question for all you 601 operators out there

    Copy that. Thank you for the info
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    Question for all you 601 operators out there

    copy that. Mine are on the way too tight side then if I understand you correctly. You're saying they should flex enough to almost hit the underside of the cab just stepping on them, is that correct? Or are you saying the inside of the grouser on the sidewall of the tires?
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    Looking at ARAI helmets ... any thoughts?

    My arai saved my life once, not gonna test another one. Worth every penny though
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    Does anyone have any recommendations on fluids to use? I haven't been able to track down a manual yet, but would like to change diff and transmission oil.
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    ST4 back from the dead

    Nice work! Very impressive
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    Thiokol 601

    I was also able to find an adapter to make the original tach work. From technoversions, called tachmatch. I haven't installed it yet, but I will let you know how it works. Cost was around 70 bucks
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    Thiokol 601

    Specs on my 1963 601 Weight. 5460lbs Height. 92 3/8 in Width. 97 1/4 in Length. 161 in Payload. 2000 lbs
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    Question for all you 601 operators out there

    what is proper track tension on the 601s? I have been trying to track down a manual for this machine, but have come up empty handed so far
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    Thiokol 601

    I was able to track down o.e. style blades from speedway motors.
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    Thiokol 601

    There is a similar looking cat in the next town over from me. I'll try and grab some pics next time I'm over that way. Pretty cool looking rig
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    Need Thiokol 601 manual!

    I was wondering if you ever came across that 601 manual. Could definitely use one if you have it.
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    Emergency kit for the cat

    Sounds like I need to add to my kit, I did get a couple pair of snowshoes to just live in the cat. I think I'll also throw in some mre's.
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    600 Series Air Force numbers

    1963 601 in colorado