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  • You know, I guess I need to have an email alert for these messages. I just
    happened to glance up to see I had a message that's been sitting here since
    7-28. Duh! LOL
    to fogtnder/ Hi my name is john gonzales I like your pics of the otter I drove the huskyM116 carrier which came after the otter while in vietnam with the marines
    a couple of the guys that were in my platoon drove the otters before they were replaced by the husky one of them mike alford has been looking for an otter that is complete but no luck yet. I my self did not get to see or drive an otter but I heard of
    them from the guys in my platoon.
    Hey Foggy, what ever happened to your Ose Mountain friend? His web page is gone, just wondered if they were OK. Mike
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