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  • What's up with the primitive shelter building? Wife throw you out? Knew she was too good for you... :whistling: :poke: :yum:
    Thanks, Eric. I'm trying to understand Vin's viewpoint and some of his observations of the US. Thought some others on the forums would like to have same info. Guess not. Thanks for reading.
    it's nice to see you are on line.
    it's heavily raining here in Sri Lanka.
    Do you have a face book account?
    If it is so can you add me in the face book.

    my email address is rajsec@gmail.com

    Hema Karunaratne.
    Thank you for the rep point re: my diabetes post. I am very passionate about health and nutrition. Not that I am poster child for health as I am about 65 lbs overwt though I've lost 45 lbs over the last year. I have always struggled with weight and been so frustrated to see some women eat large amounts of junk food with no weight gain when it seemed like I just looked at it and packed on 5 lbs. I am convinced processed foods with the additives and hydrogenated oils have contributed to my difficulties. I will probably be inundating the forum with information. I just want people to think and to take more responsibility for health and to learn to question the modern medical establishment. I work in the establishment!
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