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    Getting a bit crusty out there

    Out yesterday in the mountains. Our two man cab is around 1200lbs and there's a good bit of driving characteristics between it and the four man. The snows crusting up pretty good now on top with a cpl feet of powder under and very large sections broke off under the machine as we went. Have to...
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    Another great day

    They said we received another 15" from last weeks storm but I don't think it was that much. Still another good day on the mountain though.
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    Nothing like Deep Powder! We're having a good snow season and been so cold that the snow has stayed powder for a good while. Really cool feeling climbing a hill of nothing but powder. Had to give it just enough throttle to keep moving but if you gave it too much, you'd just...
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    In pursuit of powder

    Couple pics from playing in the powder today. 3' deep in places after a small storm last couple days. Nothing like playing in the powder and always a plus when your the first one there!
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    Cool pic

    Kind of a cool pic. Every time I crossed through, snow would fall from the top edge of the snow wall. Snow wall was straight up on the side towards the tree. Snow fence was about 13' tall.
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    First time ever grooming today. Turned out really well.
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    Canyon trip

    A scenic ride down the canyon yesterday morning after getting fresh snow. Nobody around but us. I always like the pics and vids you guys from the NW take showing the trees full of snow. The snow doesn't last long in the trees here so it's nice to drive through right after a good snow...
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    USFS proposal

    Worth keeping an eye on.
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    Do any of you carry a short set of skis when your out in your snow cats or just snow shoes? Haven't done any cross country sking but it has to be easier than snow shoeing in deep powder. ???????
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    Milling machine

    I'm ready to really upgrade my pos drill press. I was thinking a decent milling machine with a really nice table. Although I don't plan on doing a lot of milling. I just want a very tight tolerance table. I would like to be able to size brass bushings for special king pin applications and...
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    Recently read an article that Polaris was coming out with an 850 fourwheeler with airless tires for the low, low price of $14,999 !!! Since I don't buy lottery tickets, I don't see one in my future! Or any other 15k thousand dollar fourwheeler. Cletis
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    Dogs in schools I think this is an excellent idea! The dogs to patrol for drugs and weapons in schools. And while they are at it, patrol the parking lots for drugs in vehicles also. Sure seems like a good deterent to me! Cletis
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    One of our mules, Hatie. Seriously, I told her to say cheese before I took the pic!!!
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    Molding opinions

    I'm looking at molding for installing windows. Basically two types, one where the glass sits inside the window frame and the second type where the glass overlaps the window frame. Anyone have any opinions on which would be the better molding type? Thank you Cletis
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    You can't have a snow cat without being some kind of fabricator, designer, etc. I'd say just about everyone on this site has these abilities. So how many snow cats have you designed in your head? I think I have at least four different snow cat designs in my head! If only I had tons of time...