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    any users of bivy stick?

    Good points on comparison. For my use it is more restrictive. either emergency, or a "i'm staying over another night " so they don't launch a search party. or if there is emergency at home I can be found. I doubt I'm going to use it (whichever I settle on) at all, it's more the...
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    Take your snow cat to a car show?

    We had 6 ST's at a VW show in '19. had a lot of interest.
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    loud Ratcliffe hydro

    "12 db is alot of energy." Every time you cut 3 dB the power is halved, so you have 1/16th the actual noise now. Not too bad.
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    Tucker steering wheel

    There used to be an old joke, now totally not correct, about why low riders cars had small steering wheels: So the driver could operate with hand cuffs on. And you want a smaller wheel why? :)
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    Tucker steering wheel

    why go small, when you can spend BIG
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    Mn outdoors, aka bogie

    Wow, so sad. Without his help, my cat would not be in shape to run about. Such a large loss to his family and to the snowcat family.
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    any users of bivy stick?

    Been looking at this one, Some good points, some maybe not so good.
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    loud Ratcliffe hydro

    The other issue you may be dealing with is conducted noise through frame that then re-emits in the body. Check to see if isolation mounts, flex couplings etc, may have been compromised or removed, or never used.
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    I'm not impressed. Hydro drive means there is going to be a significant hp loss to heat compared to our old mechanical drives. The youtube shows a little of the center mounted joy stick. it also shows less than smooth steering compared to the original. While the shape is similar, so was the...
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    MI Supreme Court Will Hear Snowmobile "Vehicle" Case

    While not about cat's, the outcome may be pertinent to our hobby.
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    Imp 1404 new toy questions

    also try here for manuals
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    WANTED: Thiokol Super Imp or Similar

    Mike, Welcome to the insanity. Start a new thread on your machine in the repairs, parts and problems. someone there will know the age, and perhaps the machine!
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    early tucker photos

    That gets me all hot, and steamed up.