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    It finally happened, HEMMINGS MOTOR NEWS, ONLINE

    Just when prices were coming back into reason from the other article, this happens....
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    LMC 1500 Track Repair (in the field).

    I carry three pieces of track material which are large enough to span 2 grousers on each side of a potential tear. I also have the knowledge that my bolts can be removed in the field with what I carry. use the grouser bolts to add the band aids (no TM infringement intended) across the tear and...
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    1500 blade

    May not be electrical. Air trapped in the system can cause weird actions. The cushioning effect of air can give the ram a stick-slip effect. So Hydraulic fluid is forced in, but, there is an air bubble in the ram. If the cylinder is sticky, or the mechanism is sticky, or there is a...
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    Snow Trac Tire Replacement

    when I got my trac two of the tires were dunlop 130/90-16 front motorcycle they held up. the other two were knobby dirt bike treads which caught the guides.
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    Snow Trac Tire Replacement

    That's the tires I use. they have done a great job for me. The shape works real well in the guides. You must get a offset valve on the tube. while the centered valve can work, it will cause the tube to twist which can cause failure. Note also you must have the tire warm to mount it. like 80...
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    New Year’s 2022 resolutions

    Nowhere does it say "New Years Resolutions" must be "good". Just sayin.
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    sno(w) cat serenade, SV2022

    Nor could Timberline's yesterdays guests leave. I hope they have special rates for snowbound. Hotel California, meet The Shining
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    KT-3 dry sump oil system

    Not to hijack the Kristi thread, but I did an oil cooler mod in my ST4. I wasn't having cylinder over temp, but my oil temp kept getting near/at max sustained. Cylinder temps (#1,3) stayed about where they were last season, but my oil temp was much lower during testing last weekend. If...
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    Snowcat storage/parking in winter

    Word of caution. If you park your machine on snow after a long run, the melt from the tracks can cause them to freeze to the ground. I usually stop short, wait for things to cool down (but not freeze solid) then park. When you get ready to start out, be real gentle until you are certain the...
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    Headlights on LMC 1500 keep blowing fuse?

    Couple of things to look at when you find the fuse block. Is the fuse just melted, or did it "blow" and the arc coated the inside of the fuse with the metal? THe second case indicated a true short. the first is an oveload. Next look at what ever is holding the fuse. see if the treminals are...
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    Where to get new track bands and parts for Bombardier?

    "pattern for an SV-200 has grousers spaced at 3.875" inches and I think it should be 3.75 based upon my measurements and the attached documentation with hand written notes from Prinoth." 0.1 Inch is not huge, nor is it worth ignoring. However, if they have been producing with that spacing...
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    LMC 1500 Rear differential fluid

    5a, don't be in a hurry at this point. depending on viscosity, temperature, the filling of the drop boxes may be slowed down. Give it a chance.
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    Not Seeing the "Value"

    Maybe it doesn't have an engine or transmission?
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    for the DMC owners out there