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  • I joined offtopicz a while back, too. Went by Rusty on there, and enjoyed it for a little while, but just a bit too... immature, I guess, for my likeing. ANyway, I'm back ehre now
    Hi Cat. I had my reasons for leaving, but some folks want me back, so I might return, not sure. Was nothing to do with you, so no worries, lol. How have ya been?
    I do tend to agree Catavenger and I don't post here much any more.
    **I find myself upon bended knee**

    What the Hell am I doing down here???

    I was in a car accident that almost killed me. I was in a coma for 6 days my entire left leg was crushed and is now rebuilt (internally) with titanium plates and screws.
    Sorry to hear you can't get around to shoot anymore, Cat. Also sorry to hear that you are "involuntarily" retired. What happened, if I might ask.
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