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  • Never heard of Mind Romp.
    Between here and doc's cooking forum those two keep me busy, and I'm busy enough! Lol
    Welllll I see cnredd is asking for donations again. I'm never going back there. The site doesn't work right from my phone, I can't stand tapatalk and saltwn is a silly drunk lol
    I just noticed you left me a visitor message a few weeks ago. I hardly ever check that. I guess I should check more.

    I got banned over there for telling the ADMIN to go F**K himself, along with a few others.

    No sense of humor that bunch. LOL.
    I tried to change my forum email as the old one is no longer active and that caused a foul up. All better, thanx.
    Looks like they banned your old buddy mikeyy from the other place. Lol. long overdue.
    I drank heavily for 14 years. I gave it up for this century. Give it a try for a few months and see how much better you feel.
    Idk, sometimes I don't feel like I fit in... But i feel that way wherever i go. Which is why i kinda stay to myself. That and I wasn't exactly sober when I wrote that.. so I was very emberssed.
    I did put an avatar and siggy back up, but am only there to thank posts I like.
    Who knows, in the event Trump wins, I may go to a particular thread and do this...
    Hi, yes I had a lot of struggles myself and did a lot of stupid things. I had a job were everyone drank and that was just the "thing" to fit in. It was really a blessing when I got fired from there because it gave me a chance to reflect. I told myself after I got fired that I wasn't going to sit around getting drunk feeling sorry for myself and I quit for awhile. I got another job and gradually things changed until I was able to quit entirely. But it took many years to get to that point.

    Ironically I was stone cold sober years later when I got in a traffic accident and had a closed head injury now I have seizures.
    But that's another story.
    Well, HELLO! Yes, I do make it to the "Toons" sometimes. Especially when I receive emails informing me of a "new" post. LOL
    Yes, I am definitely a "Friend of Bill W." and I didn't get there by eating too much ice cream! LONG, ugly, vicious road I trudged. I would assume by your comment that you are also? Or a survivor of our "Whirlwind"? Thanks for the note and the "Friending" I'll try to check my home page more often to see about notes. Or my regular addy is

    God bless and keep you!
    Try and sleep and worry about your own health that is more important, seizures are a awful thing i know as my niece lives with a brain tumor and every day is special.

    Sadly we cant fix the world but i do care about good people like you in our world....sleep well :flowers:
    He's been down this road before. I believe that he's an alcoholic but falls off the wagon and gets blitzed. There are some posts on here from 'way back where he got together with some of the other members for a few beers and the impression I got from some very guarded posts is that he is not a very pleasant drunk.

    He's threatened suicide before on this board and it's really a cry for help when things get screwed up in his life. It sounds as if his girlfriend broke up with him. I don't believe it's because he said he loved her. Whatever, it sounds as if he is on the bottle again. When sober Sushi is a great guy. He's smart and entertaining but he has some emotional problems. Be careful about getting involved because he can turn on you in an instant and be verbally viscous.

    I hope that he gets things together and straightened out because I kinda like the guy but I'm reluctant to get involved when he's been drinking!!!!
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