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    Nodwell FN10 differential repair

    I see no one has replied to your request for help. I have a FN15 and feel your pain. Most folks on this forum know little about Nodwell but many know about the OC4 differential. Try posting in the Snowcat Repairs,Parts &Problems Forum and put OC4 in your title. This might get some action. I...
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    Brake slave cylinder for Nodwell FN 16

    My slave cylinders are leaking and local hydronic shop is having a hard time rebuilding them. a couple of questions. This is for a T16 rear end. Can’t find the proper cups. Anybody know where I might find the right parts?
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    Ram steer

    Who can tell me about ram steer? Sounds like a power boost for an old brake steer cat.
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    Heavy, wet snow and a brake steer snowcat

    Jackson Hole is experiencing the biggest snow year I can remember in my 40 + years living here. My 1971 FlexTrac Nodwell is working hard to keep my Sleigh trail groomed. It has been running well all winter in cold soft snow. I can "carve" a smooth turn in this type of snow even while pulling a...
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    Ballast Resister for 1971 Ford 200

    I need to replace the ballast resister in my Nodwell. What are the pros and cons of the present rotor, points and condenser seat up versus an electronic ignition system? I am trying to learn about these two systems. Thanks for any input you may have.
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    Hi ho, hi ho off to work in Jackson Hole...

    Flextrak Nodwell FN15 Snopacer pulling my Junk Yard Drag(Pat Pend) designed and built by Dirtbag Engineering.
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    How to post multiple images on a single reply

    I have figured out how to make my Nodwell run but I'll be darned if I can figure out multiple image posts. Hate being limited to one image/ post. I know it can be done but don't know how.
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    1971 Flextrac Nodwell Sno Pacer slave cylinder

    Anybody have knowledge of the slave cylinder on this old Nodwell. I think the rear end is a T-16. I would like to rebuild the slaves. Are parts available for this?
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    Nodwell as log skidder.

    A lovely spruce log floated onto the bank last spring during high water. We have been eyeing it ever since. Today was the day to harvest it. We cut it into 15' pieces and used the Nodwell to drag them onto the bank. A good snowpack made it possible. Nice looking wood. In a few years this...
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    FLexTrac Nodwell Fn 15 hard at work in Jackson Hole

    Meanwhile, back at my office, the Nodwell is running like a bear. This is part of my daily run, grooming the sleigh track at Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures. The homemade grooming tools work just fine. I add and subtract certain tools from this array as snow conditions change. Can lay down a...
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    Big dump in Jackson Hole

    An early winter storm just deposited well over a foot of new snow in the valley. Time to get the Nodwell fired up and start packing the sleigh trail. I had to change one tire that had a slow leak but once that was done all system we go. What a joy to work under a bright sunny sky in fresh light...
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    WTB Tilt Bed Trailer

    I need a trailer for my FN 15 Nodwell. It is about the same size as a Thiokol Spryte, 8' wide and about 15' long with the blade attached. Weight is around 4500 lbs. Would like a deck over tilt bed style. Any info on where I should be looking for such a trailer would be appreciated.
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    Re - tracking in the field

    OK guys, you are going to love this one. The front tensioning wheel fell off my Nodwell and it now sits in the field in need of care. Seems I failed to tight the lug bolts enough after fall repairs and it came off while driving. Nothing else got tore up but I must now retract in the field...
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    T-16 rear end what type of oil?

    Working to get my '71 Nodwell FN 15 up and running for the season. What type of oil should I use in the T-16 rear end?
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    Newbie with a Nodwell

    Time to put the boats away and get the "new" Nodwell ready for the snow season. Ran fine when I brought it home in March but does need a new exhaust manifold gasket. Started by taking the tracks off. Guess this is something I should know how to do. Much better look at the guts of it now...