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  • Hello to all,
    Now here's the boat load of questions....I went to look at a parts car and now it occupies all of my shop.
    Who, if anybody knows about a '68 deVille conversion that happened under license in '69 Alberta, Canada?
    The car is a Custom Flower car. I understand 10 were built in 1969 for Red Adair.
    If you have any helpful comments.... 66.fergie@gmail.com
    Stay safe,
    John Ferguson
    As interested as I am with your dilemma, I must admit I can be of no help. I know cars of this vintage but not Red Adair's customized ones.

    This has got to be worth restoration just for uniqueness.

    Most of us know about Red Adair, OIL well Firefighter. But custom '68 caddis???

    Try a Eldorado Forum or a Cadillac Forum and just about any car forum and likely somebody can help.
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