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    The Strange Story of John DeLorean's Snowcat Factory

    There is a movie on Netflix called" Framing John Delorean". Not one mention of his Snowcat venture in it.
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    Round Door Kitten Restoration

    Window screen or storm cover hangers.
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    sno(w) cat serenade, march 10-16, 2021

    Little video from SV 2021 Snow Cats 2021
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    601 Thiokol that needs to be restored

    How much are you asking for it?
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    WTB - Hagglunds

    Here is one for you.
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    B12 bombardier wheels and tires

    Hachet, What type of car do the spares that you use come off of? Thanks
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    WTB: ST4 Large wheel

    No, Not damaged.Thinking it would be nice to have a spare if i can get one.
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    WTB: ST4 Large wheel

    Anyone have a large 5 hole rear wheel for an ST4 ? Thanks
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    Snow Trac Bronze Sprockets production run

    I am getting ready to have some bronze sprockets for the Snow Trac cast. Can cast both types. I am not planning on keeping a set on hand and do not know when i will be having some cast again. If you want a set, let me know. $300 each sprocket plus shipping. Shipping was about $100 Fed Ex to NY...
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    ST4 #ST52 Sprockets

    i am now able to get the ST52 sprockets made. $ 300.00 each plus shipping from 98296. They weigh sixteen pounds each. PM or email me with an email or phone number to text a picture until i figure out how to post a picture on here. Anyone interested call 206-390-4394 or email