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    A drive thru Philadelphia

    The sphincter of PA!
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    Trail Riding with new to me Kubota RTV

    I have a 450es too, wonderful and dependable machine! Just sold a Kawasaki Brute Force, paid for half the Rzr! 👍
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    Trail Riding with new to me Kubota RTV

    My Mule is a Yanmar diesel and I can get 29 mph out of her. She’s about to get the plow on for Winter and I really don’t wanna have to take the plow off every time I wanna hit the trails. I’ve been given special privileges in a deer camp a mile across trails of childhood friends, 3 brothers...
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    Meet "Em"

    Shes nine going on 16 😳
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    Transgender 'woman' named Miss Nevada, will compete in Miss USA pageant

    What happen to the science? The world is not a fantasy land. If you have a penis, you’re a male!
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    How Does One Get Sexually Aroused By A Virgin?

    Just make sure she’s ready, physically first ……. Ok, I’ll say it! Aroused and wet 😏 that will help you too!
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    Vacuum Sealer Recommendation

    Thanks guys!
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    Vacuum Sealer Recommendation

    ……….. and Go!
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    Butt-hurt motorcycle meme

    Post #2 reminds me of a time I was headed to Daytona from Baton Rouge going 80mph or so when all the sudden a bagger flys by me, had to be going 95 or better. Women on a dresser, rebel flag and at last 20 stuffed animals with additional luggage bungied to the bike. To top it all off, her right...
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    15% higher food prices by October 2020

    Near Houston, 3 ribeyes
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    What are you listening to?

    Listen to the words! And no he’s not the only one ……..
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    15% higher food prices by October 2020

    I just purchased significant quantities of dry and can goods. 2 freezers are full. Wild life feeders are full, I ain’t going hungry. The ability to go off the grid very comfortably is a plus. Bring it on mthrfkrs!
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    Rehab and Initiative Project - 2016 Harley Slim FLSS

    As I get better, I’m spending more time in the garage. I’ve extinguished all my AR parts resulting in 8 builds in the last 2 months sooooo I bought a motorcycle to tinker with and keep me busy. Don’t get me wrong my own business is doing very good and my subs are handling it but after this...
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    Close call and it ain’t over .......

    I’m back to where I was before the seizure. On a good note, after getting paperwork from PADot to turn in my drivers license along with a questionnaire from my neurologist, I submitted my DL. Of course I looked at the questionnaire before sending it with DL and a couple answers the doctor gave...