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    Tucker 1643 new project

    I just picked up this 1980 1643 with 769 hrs! 318 with a 4 speed manual. I am interested to see how the 4 speed does compared to my other two cats with 5 speed transmissions. The under carriage is in really good shape other than a few sprockets. Overall its in great shape other than a few...
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    First day of the season 10/15/18

    Here are a couple pics of my 3 day sno-cat endeavor. Hopefully more next week! Fingers crossed. :clap::thumbup::boxing:
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    Wednesday ride

    I took a quick solo ride up to our radio tower to check on things, looks like I will be going back to do a little repair, our antenna is leaning a little. 😉 Couple shots of the castle peak area, the flattops wilderness and our cabin.:thumbup:
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    74 Tucker 1544 Clutch, Parking brake assembly

    I am in search of any information regarding what models/disc/parts could pertain to this clutch and parking brake. It has a 11 7/8 Diameter clutch, 10 splines, 3 fingers, and roughly a 2" pilot length The parking brake is a drum setup directly behind the transmission before the T- Case. It has...
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    WTB alluminum front 5th wheel plate for 74 Tucker

    I need a new front fifth wheel plate for my 74 tucker 1544. I would like to stick to the original cast alluminum plate if I can get one still. Otherwise I will build one out of steel. Let me know if you have any thing that can help out!!!
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    Looking for Tucker Sno-Cat hood emblems

    I am in search of some emblems for the hood of my Sno-Cat if anybody might know where I can get some or have some made that would be great!!!
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    SOLD!-1954 Tucker 443 on ebay

    1954 Tucker 443 on ebay for sale Just passing along the fun....:clap:
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    Tucker 1642 Doors Seal Weather Stripping

    Any ideas for what the original door seal weather stripping is on these machines? I have been looking on line but to no avail. I am in need of new handles for the sliding glass inside the cab, and would like to stick to original if possible ? Also I am looking for the original type of...
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    WTB Tucker 1644 Cab or parts machine with cab

    I have a Tucker 1642 and would like to turn into a 4 door, so we can take the whole family comfortably. I am open to suggestions if anybody has ideas, thoughts, or knows of anything that can help. I am located in the middle of Colorado, but don't mind traveling for the right parts or paying...