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    1979 Bombardier groomer bombi, $12,000

    No idea, you'd need to check criags list in Duluth MN..
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    ST4 Tracks & Sprockets

    If you look at the shape of modern grousers, compared to those of yesteryear's. There is a reason some shapes are no longer used.
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    St-4 #174 for sale

    You best post pics with your add. (y)
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    In Search of Tucker Sno-cat

    Nice to have you here wuth us Simpson. Might want to say where you are located since shipped can count.
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    loud Ratcliffe hydro

    George, seems you are on the right track to lessening the sound. On the floor of the trail bully's I operated, was thick and heavy rubber like mats that may have been 1" thick. Man they were heavy. In these PB 400's, you nearly had the 375 turbo charged engine in the cab with you, but was...
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    Cushman Trackster part needed

    Might be a "build it" situation?
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    KRISTI KT2A “Rescue” of Sorts

    Solid square HDPE?? Aluminum heavy walled square tubes?? What would you use for those cleats??? :unsure: Love working on someone elses project!
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    Looking for Tucker sprockets or cores

    Nice job on the fabed drums! (y)
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    WTS Bombi

    Did the camp get out of the grooming business??
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    1978 Bombi Resto saga

    Thanks for the updates.
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    ISO 1404 drive sprockets

    I went to there web site and found they have quite a few used machines FS.
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    KRISTI KT2A “Rescue” of Sorts

    Thanks for posting smaller photos that are easy to DL. (y) You should start your own thread on this.
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    The Strange Story of John DeLorean's Snowcat Factory

    I'm still wondering if he as he a genius or a quack.....
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    Rat Cat?

    I'd also like to hear what you are thinking...
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    KRISTI KT2A “Rescue” of Sorts

    Nice to have you here with us Rover! We have friends in G Falls and west Yellowstone.