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  • I'm outta here. This place is not my style. I think I would piss off the grandmas and grandpas that seem to be here. Rback seems cool but I got a message from the admin.
    LMAO go read Jezzi's messages and it will make more sense why my page is that way. I only played two years. I have 2 bad shoulder's and there was personal stuff gettin in the way too.. I do regret hanging it up and not playing through. It would have been easier to do playing offense where my heart was... how do you and Jezzi know each other? Another forum?
    When will you unleash the wit and cleverness, the likes of which they have never seen?

    I have to wait and see what this place is about before I can make a mark.
    Very nice! You are the only person I have ever known that made that connection on their own. Yes, I played football at a small NAIA school in Kansas. I actually ended up playing corner, but my heart was always on the other side. You seem to be a wee little guy! lol
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