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    Nicest Cushman Trackster I've Seen

    Not mine.
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    WTS - DMC 1450 Parts !!SOLD!!

    DMC 1450 parts 4 wheel guides 3 spring packs 7 track lacing pins 6 U bolts DMC track manual Bearing covers Various other hardware and components Asking $100 for everything plus shipping from Northern CA.
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    !!SOLD!! - ST4B Snow Master - Beautiful Machine - Fully Restored

    1976 Aktiv ST4B Snow Master serial 1975. This machine was fully restored a few years ago and may be the nicest ST4B in the world. Over $30,000 was invested in the machine and restoration. I'm also including a Thiokol tilt trailer with a 14 foot deck that has new brakes, bearings, and wiring...
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    WTB - Tilt Trailer

    Looking for a tilt trailer out west. Prefer 16 x 8 over 14 length. Thanks!
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    ST4B Handbrake

    I finally got time to start going through the ST4B I bought last Spring. Being that we have steep hills around here, my first order of business was to get the brakes working well. It looks likes the previous owner removed the handbrake and left the two cable leads under the floor. Do I need the...
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    Tahoe Sprytes

    Not mine. Seem like pretty nice rigs at a reasonable price.
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    Tahoe Super Imp

    Not mine.
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    The Unbearable Smugness of the Press

    I ran across this well written article that gives a rare honest insight into the thought process of the liberal media. The unbearable smugness of the press The mood in the Washington...
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    Spryte on CL Reno

    Not mine, but looks like a great start and reasonable price.
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    Thiokol Trackmaster on CL Bend - $9500

    Not mine. Seems like a pretty reasonable deal if everything works.
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    SOLD - DMC 1450WT Super Imp Full Cab and Trailer

    1980 DMC 1450 wide track full cab. 200 CID Ford industrial engine, C4 automatic transmission. Purchased from Peterson Equipment in UT a few years ago. The original owner was Montana Power Company where it was impeccably maintained and stored in a heated garage. I went through all of the...
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    Snow-Trac Brake Mod Questions

    I'm planning on fulling testing the mountain climbing capability of the ST4B next winter. One problem - I need working brakes. We have a lot of trees and boulders to avoid in the Sierras so being able to stop without running into something would be a plus. I have the inboard drum brakes on the...
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    Craigslist Kristi - Albuquerque

    Thought of Big Al today when I ran across this...
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    New to me Snow-Master

    Well, after finding a really nice Snow-Master, I couldn't resist and took the plunge...It's on its way from the Ohio farm fields to its new home in the Northern Sierra. I look forward to putting its steep and deep capabilities to the test and seeing if it lives up to all the hype. I have to...
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    Antarctica Mini Snow-Trac

    Not sure if this has been here before, but I found it amusing... Antarctic Explorer Words by Ian White. The snow whips around the flagpole, atop the central hut of the minute settlement, itself clinging to the edge of the driest continent on Earth. The year is 1965, and the huts mark the...