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  • Anybody know how to get set up for this event? I am coming from Arizona and have never attended one before. Is this invite only? Thanks in advance Bob Dundas
    Hi Aaron,
    I called the Days Inn of Silverthorne about reservations for the weekend of the Jamboree. They have no knowledge of the Jamboree or block of rooms related to it or in reference to your name.
    How will they know if there are 10-or-more reservations for your event, or re-price the rooms if that is achieved?
    Expedia shows that location not having rooms available that weekend.
    I am confused. (But looking forward to the Jamboree!)
    hey aaron..
    Just wondering if your buddy in pa got back to you with any prices on the tuckers for sale. im pretty close and would love to try and restore one..Thanks
    Hey Aaron, sorry to hear about your truck. I have an extra truck you could borrow. It's nothing special, just an 1981 Toyota truck. No hard feelings if it doesn't do anything for you.
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