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    Imp for sale. Not mine just posting from Facebook
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    Can’t wait to get out on the snow.

    Nice... good luck with it, and have some kool aid?
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    sno(w) cat serenade, SV2022

    ??? Made airline reservations this morning. Ticket prices have started climbing.
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    U Joint Strap assistance needed Dave , try here. They make driveshafts there and have bearings and u joints for everything. They are in Quincy,MA. Just south of Boston. 617 471-7800. Ask for Steve
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    Gmoose Adventures

    Great article, thanks for posting. Nice job Gmoose !
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    Classic Cars Pre 1953 post them here

    A few more oldies....
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    Classic Cars Pre 1953 post them here

    I think this picture is of that car during recreation