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Amazing Video 50 cal accident.

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Well done video. Done by one very lucky / smart guy. Thanks to OldPath on NTT for sharing it there first. :thumb: :tiphat:

Happy Mothers Day!

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I'd like to wish a Happy Mothers Day to PG and all our members that are mothers. May you have an enjoyable relaxing day filled with smiles.

Happy Happy Birthday PG

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Wishing you a fantastic day. :happybday :happybday3: :thewave: :dancing:

Headline just popped across my phone: NRA files for Bankruptcy.

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Seriously? They take in so much money and do not have that many expenses do they? I'm at a loss for words on this one.

Twas the month before Christmas

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T'was a month before Christmas,
And all through the town,
People wore masks,
That covered their frown.
The frown had begun
Way back in the Spring,
When a global pandemic
Changed everything.
They called it corona,
But unlike the beer,
It didn’t bring good times,
It didn’t bring cheer.
Airplanes were grounded,
Travel was banned.
Borders were closed
Across air, sea and land.
As the world entered lockdown
To flatten the curve,
The economy halted,
And folks lost their nerve.
From March to July
We rode the first wave,
People stayed home,
They tried to behave.
When summer emerged
The lockdown was lifted.
But away from caution,
Many folks drifted.
Now it’s November
And cases are spiking,
Wave two has arrived,
Much to our disliking.
It’s true that this year
Has had sadness a plenty,
We’ll never forget
The year 2020.
And just ‘round the corner -
The holiday season,
But why be merry?
Is there even one reason?
To decorate the house
And put up the tree,
Who will see it,
No one but me.

You Think You Have Problems

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Just saw this on CNN:

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida (AP) -- A 93-year-old driver apparently suffering from dementia fatally struck a pedestrian and drove for three miles with the man's body through his windshield, police said.

Ralph Parker was stopped after he drove through a tollbooth on the Sunshine Skyway, Traffic Homicide Investigator Michael Jockers said. The toll taker called police, he said.

Parker was not likely to face charges because he did not appear to know what happened or where he was, said Bruce Bartlett, chief assistant in the Pinellas-Pasco County State Attorney's Office.

"He may have somewhere in his mind have realized it was a crash, but immediately forgot about it," Jockers said.

The victim's leg was severed in the Wednesday night crash, police said. The man, whose name was not released, was 52.

Parker had renewed his license in 2003.

"That was the one thing he had, to get in his car and just drive for the sheer enjoyment of driving," Jockers said. Parker lived...

For DaveNay

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Already been through this with John but you need to count the charter members to see where you fit.
You are FORUM member #13 but you're CHARTER member #7 or so. Thought you might want to adjust your title.
Hope that fixes your luck since 7 is a lot luckier than 13


Next few days

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It's Thursday as I write this; I had to come back to Port St. Lucie because my wife needed some help with her Mother (101 years old), so I interrupted my dirt-moving. I'm headed back to Okeechobee in a few minutes. My laptop is still out for repair. I'll be closing some things up, moving some things around and making sure my generators are serviced. Then, back to Port St. Lucie to pick up lawn furniture, etc. on Saturday. If Wilma hits us, as looks likely right now, we'll likely be without power and internet for some period of time.

So, while I might get a chance to jump on late Friday or sometime Saturday, it's possible this may be the last time for a while. Love ya' all.

Carve virtual pumkins online

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Test your skill Pumpkin carving


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OMG not another!

All the best, just keep on punching folks.

Home From Work Sick

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Taking a sick day today as one of my kids got me and my wife sick. Thank God for the internet, especially this forum as daytime T.V. really sucks! How is it that so many losers have their own talk show? :confused:

Can you tell that I am in a bad mood? We are (were) supposed to leave on an extended camping trip to Utah and the southwest starting friday!

Sniffle sniffle drip cough Bonehead :toilet:

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