My new Dishwasher is "Wi-Fi" enabled ... WTF?


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Ours is the same. We use the top tray for sharp knives and cooking utensils. Our racks are adjustable and can be lowered so there's room for taller glasses in the middle rack. Not sure if ours has wifi. Our new oven does. But we haven't used it since we bought it. Wifi on appliances like that are just a sales gimmick.

I talk to myself to get an expert opinion.


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Our ovens and fridge are wifi enabled. If we leave the fridge door open, the TV and our phones will tell us. Nice feature until you leave the fridge open after your wife falls asleep.:smileywac


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OK, so got this thing a bit over a month ago.

  • Washes fine, things are clean. No complaints.
  • QUIET, seriously quiet. Love that.
  • Dries the GLASS and METAL items, so no complaints with that either.
  • Plastics don't seem to get dry. As we have a baby in the house we have a lot of baby bottles, baby dishes, etc. None of those are dry, no matter what setting we use.
  • Never bothered to get the WiFi connection set up and I'm still thinking that is just a stupid feature.
  • FWIW, I did not want this model, but it was in stock. The model I wanted was backordered.

I dislike the wire racks. They seem to need more prongs. Small items don't sit well on the bottom shelf, especially the bowls. Of course if we had dishes that were thinner or bigger or small or whatever they might fit perfectly but ours do not fit well. So I suppose we can reassess that point when we switch over to the Christmas dishes? And then to the spring dishes ... the lovely Mrs_Bob changes them out seasonally.
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Our dishwasher is a is 12 years old, we bought it because it was the quietest one made at that time. It is quiet. It gets dishes reasonably clean. It has the top controls, but it has an LCD screen on the front to tell you how long before it is done. But get this one, it doesn't have heated dry. Their solution to drying is let the damn thing sit with the door closed. It doesn't work....

It isn't wi-fi enabled, but our LG Washer and Dryer that we bought last year are wi-fi enabled. You can do delay start and it will notify you when finished. The Samsung fridge we bought last year has a damn 21" Android tablet built into the door that you can do every thing from. You can even connect to the fridge from your phone and see what is inside. At first I thought that sounded stupid until the first time we were at the store and my wife said, Do we need milk. No knowing for sure, I opened the app and looked and said yes. The fridge will also suggest what to make based on foods it sees in your fridge. It will also tell you how long items have been in there and tell you if you should use them or get rid of them.


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We have one of those ugly steal industrial type dishwashers and it does not do a good job!

Alot of times I look at stuff after its been thru a supposed session and stuff is still dirty!!

If I had to get a newer one and it was WIFI enabled,I would destroy the WIFI part..... Im sick of all this newer "smart" crap.......