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If you are a member of a private forum, you will see it displayed with all the other forums in your normal view. If you are not a member of a private forum you will not even know the private forum exists. For example I have set up a group of "Staff" forums for use by myself and the Moderators. As a guest or registered user you never see these forums, and would not know they exist if I had not told you about them.

Here is an example of how you might use a private forum. Let say you have a fantasy baseball league. If you get all of the members of your league to join FF as registered members then they could be added to a private Fantasy Baseball Forum. Only the members you have named are allowed into your private forum. You can talk privately amongst yourselves without comments from the general ForumsForums user community. The FF user community will not even know your forum exists, unless you want to publicize it.

ForumsForums has a couple of private forums which are open for members to join. One is called the MLR (MEN'S LOCKER ROOM) and that area is open to any member with at least 10 posts. It features humor, photos, discussion, etc.

FF also has a WLR (WOMEN'S LOCKER ROOM) a place for ladies only. The area is open to any female member with at least 10 posts.

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