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Old 02-25-2012, 06:55 AM
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Default Is Anatabloc a "Natural Game Changer"....

I was intrigued reading another thread here on natural alternative therapy that seemingly seemed to provide superior results in every way compared to accepted methods or treatment. I'm left wondering if maybe modern medicine and accepted treatments have maybe missed the flight.....

A “Nutraceutical” Game-Changer
Patrick Cox

A while ago at a party, I was talking to eight or nine friends about the biggest events of the last year. Despite the fact that we are currently suffering a financial crisis of the same magnitude as the Great Depression, half of the people around the table agreed that the discovery of anatabine citrate, Anatabloc, ranked among the most-important developments of the year.

Imagine! Not a single one of them mentioned Ashton Kutcher’s break-up with Demi Moore.

Anatabloc is a dietary supplement for anti-inflammatory support of the immune system. Since many disorders, like coronary artery disease, diabetes, asthma, Alzheimer’s, and rheumatoid arthritis, are caused by chronic low-level inflammation, Anatabloc is a potential preventative treatment for these diseases.

Not coincidentally, those friends at the party who did not rank the emergence of Anatabloc as one of the most important events of the year are younger, not yet suffering from the inflammation-related medical conditions that set in during middle age. Some of them take Anatabloc anyway because it is a safe monoamine oxidase inhibitor, or MAOI. MAOIs are antidepressants that aid in focusing and task accomplishment. The term “MAOI,” by the way, is often pronounced like the Hawaiian island of Maui.

I’ve seen emails from a number of my subscribers who report similar dramatic improvements in inflammation-related conditions. Typically, I also hear that they have started giving Anatabloc to friends and family, who also report improvements in inflammatory conditions. Then the cycle repeats.

For older men, one of the most commonly reported impacts of Anatabloc is improvement in urinary tract or prostate problems. As men age, inflammation of the prostate leads to reduced bladder capacity, which is more than an inconvenience. Not only do prostate problems interfere with sleep, requiring multiple trips to the bathroom at night, but they usually precede prostate cancer.

Not coincidentally, recent research shows that statins are associated with reduced risk of prostate cancer. The reason, I think, is intuitively obvious. If the cells of an organ — whether it is the prostate or the thyroid — are swollen, they are not functioning as they should. Moreover, they become the targets of the immune system’s inflammatory axis, which worsens cell health. In time, this vicious circle cascades to the point of organ damage, failure or cancer.

This is important because the anti-inflammatory effects of Anatabloc have been shown by the Roskamp Institute to be greater than the leading statin, Lipitor. The name of the study is, “Statin Use and Fatal Prostate Cancer.”

Moreover, the world-class scientists who are researching anatabine citrate continue to speak regularly to large numbers of health professionals at scientific conferences as well as less-formal events. Here, by the way, is a summary of the important research done at the Roskamp Institute.

It is not chance that Anatabloc is arriving outside the realm of FDA control. The FDA was set up to minimize patient risk from new therapies — even though it slows access to newer and more-effective therapies. This institutional wet blanket has motivated many brilliant scientists and innovators to look for effective compounds in nature, which is unregulated by the FDA.

Anatabloc, therefore, illustrates one of the most poignant ironies of our time. On the one hand, we are seeing the inevitable collapse of utopian political fantasies implemented in capitals ranging from Sacramento, Calif., to Madrid, Spain. On the other hand, we are witnessing astonishing breakthroughs that are actually being accelerated by the downfall of out-of-control government.

Anatabine citrate is only one such breakthrough, but you shouldn’t underestimate it. The reduction in inflammation-related illness will not only deliver dramatic improvements in the quality of life for hundreds of millions of people, but will change our entire demographic picture.

Anatabloc, by the way, will not be the last disruptive and lucrative therapy to come from the application of modern scientific investigative technologies to the uncountable molecules that exist in our biological biosphere. In the past, I’ve been a relentless debunker of so-called natural products. This is due to widespread quackery in the natural-products industry.

That, however, has changed. There are just as many scams as ever being sold in health food stores, but true innovations like Anatabloc are also arriving. Most are still generally unknown to the public, but in the next few months, I’m going to be telling you about additional breakthroughs in this field.

So don’t be discouraged by the “directionless” financial markets. Instead, pay attention to the astonishing number of revolutionary scientific and technological breakthroughs that are coming our way.

As these breakthroughs dramatically improve many aspects of our lives, they will also provide “life-changing” investment opportunities.

Patrick Cox,
for The Daily Reckoning

My Googling returned some pretty interesting results on Anatabloc so much so that one is really left wondering, it does appear to provide exceptional results for so many common ailments that so many folks are afflicted with and try as I might I couldn't make "Snake Oil" out of my bit of research on the product itself...
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Old 02-25-2012, 08:21 AM
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Default Re: Is Anatabloc a "Natural Game Changer"....

I'm left wondering if maybe modern medicine and accepted treatments have maybe missed the flight.....
Interesting indeed Bamby. Hell I would buy snake oil by the barrel if I could ever find anything that even seems like it works, but 99% of it is so overpriced the gamble just isn't affordable for me. I did find this below kind of interesting though.

"It’s ironic that a compound with the potential medical benefits of Anatabloc® was hidden in tobacco."
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