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Old 07-13-2010, 02:58 PM
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Question IDPA competition 'legal' guns for "SSP Class" events

I'm not an IDPA shooter but I'm coaching a new shooter who is now starting to compete in IDPA. He has competed using my guns in a couple competitions but now is ready to buy his own gun and is looking at various models.

While I can help him with his shooting technique and skills, I don't fully understand the technical aspects of the equipment rules.

Here is my question, can a gun with FACTORY porting be used in SSP class for IDPA? For example, can a Glock 34 or a Springfield XD9 V-10 be used in standard production class (SSP = Stock Service Pistol) by an "unclassified" shooter? I ask this because these guns come from the factory build with porting so it would make them 'stock' guns, but I am unclear about the rules regarding compensators/porting regarding the SSP guns.

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Old 07-13-2010, 03:36 PM
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Default Re: IDPA competition 'legal' guns for "SSP Class" events

Here is what I found at

No Ported Barrels or Muzzle Compensators

One characteristic that will make a handgun unacceptable for use in any IDPA gun division is the presence of a muzzle compensator or barrel porting; Because some IDPA stages require shooting from a retention position, the hot gas, unburned powder granules, and bullet metal fragments expelled from these devices can constitute a very serious hazard, both to the shooter and to the Safety Officer accompanying the shooter through a course of fire. And since the recoil levels of IDPA-approved calibers can be easily managed using a proper grip and upper-body stance, these devices are solutions to a problem which doesn't really exist, and instead create a new and very real safety hazard. Pistols with ported barrels can often be brought into compliance with IDPA rules simply by purchasing and installing a non-ported replacement barrel.

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