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Old 04-22-2006, 12:26 PM
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Default Snow Trac Parts ID lesson:

Snow Trac parts have an ST prefix. If it has an ST prefix that doesn't necessarily mean it is a Snow Trac only part. Bearings, Seals, drive chains are all standard stuff available from Bearing suppliers.

In the first service manuals they listed all the VW parts by their VW Part Number. Later manuals dropped this practice. VW Part numbers are all 9 digit numbers in 3 groups of three with no letter prefix. If the number starts with 113, 112, or 111 it's a Bug part(Bug's are "Type One" in VW lingo) if the part is 211,213..... it's a Bus part, as busses and transporters are "Type Two"s. VW also manufactured a Type 3 and Type 4 but I dont remember ever finding any type 4 parts on a Snow Trac. All the VW stuff is pretty cheap and easy to locate.

Most of the places where the ST4 manufacturer took a VW part such as the shafts coming out of the transmission that have the small sprockets on them, and modified them for the Snow Trac, they use standard SAE thread. The entire body and undercarriage is SAE, not Metric. All the machine I've ever worked on had SAE except where it was a VW part, then it was metric. This might not be true of some european machines, I don't know, but of the 550 machines imported to Alaska, 500 to Canada, and perhaps 800 to the US, all of them had SAE hardware, american sizes. As this accounts for 2/3 of the total production and I've never seen any references in any service literature that contradicted this, I assume it's true for the european machines.

A final note concerning VW industrial engines: If it says 116 on the engine it's a 40 HP, 1192 CC engine. There wasn't much special about this engine. If the engine has a letter or 2 letters before the serial number, it is a bug or bus motor,not an industrial. IF the number starts with a P* it's a Prosche or Porsche industrial 1600, I've never seen one in a Snow Trac, but rumor has it that they were installed in a few machines. If the Engine has a 126 prefix it is a True VW 1600 Industrial Motor. This will be found on the block, right below the pedistal as well as on the intake manifold. These were the most common and are very good engines, possibly better than the stock VW engines of the same ERA.

So just to review: if the broken part says ST000000 your screwed, if it says 111 000 111 it's VW and your home free, and if it's hardware you can get it at Home Depot, and bearings and seals means a call to a Bearing place.

Christer Morling in Sweden is the go to guy for ST4 parts, this includes tires.
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